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Sunsetting faq ss 2.png

Sunsetting faq

Understand what the end of TCPi will mean for your practice. Learn how MDi will be phased out (if you decide to not pay for the tool), what resources will still be available and more.

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Resource guide

A guide to resources that will continue to be available to your practice after TCPi comes to an end and how to access such resources.

Marketing toolkit ss.PNG

Marketing toolkit

Understand how to position your practice to grow your business - whether that is bringing in more patients or positioning your value proposition to potential payer partners & ACOs.

APM toolkit ss.PNG

APM Toolkit & One pagers

Overview payment methodology, APM participation options, possible ACO tracks, and what is needed from a practice to participate.

One pagers will review strategies for aligning internal & external stakeholders and tips for negotiating contracts.

MIPS toolkit ss.PNG

Mips toolkit

Overview the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP), the MIPS program, the payment methodology and how to successful participate.

Additionally, explore the list of reference resources.

MIPS 2020 flashcard ss.PNG

MIPS 2020 Flashcard

Fast facts on the upcoming reporting timeline for 2019 MIPS data and what to expect for MIPS in 2020 - including new category weights, MIPS value pathways, and more.